Metal Products

We keep a large selection of metals for walls, ceilings, lining and encasement systems, along with the associated fixings and accessories.

Contact us for more information about the different types we hold in stock.

Metal C stud & Track

C studs are used as vertical supports in wall framing. We stock both 50mm and 70mm width studs in lengths ranging from 2.4m to 3.6m.

Metal track is used for securing wall studs at floor and ceiling junctions. Also available as a deep track where required. All lengths are 3.0m 

Wall-liner Systems.png

Wall-liner Systems

Wall liner systems are traditionally used to dry line and plasterboard existing brick, block and concrete walls. This system consists of a traditional stud and track system with fixing brackets used between the existing wall and wall liner stud to provide greater support.

Studs available as a 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.6m length

Track available as a 3.0m length

Short (GL2) and Long (GL9) fixing brackets available

MF Ceiling Grid.png

MF Ceiling Grid

MF is a suspended ceiling system suitable for most internal drylining applications. This system requires several components all of which are kept in stock

MF 6 Perimeter Channel 3.6m

MF 5 Furring Channel (Top hat) 3.6m

MF 7 Support Channel 3.6m

25x25 Angle 3.0m

All associated accessories and fixings are held in stock. Please call for more information and prices.

Suspended grid ceiling.png

Armstrong Suspended Grid Ceilings

Armstrong suspended ceilings are popular in commercial and domestic spaces. A suspended or drop ceiling has two parts: a suspended metal grid, and lightweight panels/tiles. The grid is attached to the existing ceiling with hangers or wires, and then the panels are inserted inside the grid. Decorative drop ceilings are a quick and easy way to hide wiring, ductwork, mechanical fixtures – and the original ceiling.

Get in touch to find out more or pop in to see our own grid ceiling in the shop!