Plasters & DriWall Adhesive

We stock a range of Plasters as shown below and Gyproc DriWall Adhesive.

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Thistle Multi Finish

A versatile plaster for skim finishing undercoats and plasterboard

Thistle Board Finish

A finish coat plaster designed for finishing low to medium suction backgrounds.

Thistle Hardwall

An undercoat plaster that gives high coverage for most masonry backgrounds

Gyproc DriWall Adhesive

A general purpose gypsum based adhesive for drylining on high, medium or low suction backgrounds.

Thistle Bonding Coat

An undercoat plaster for smooth and low suction backgrounds

Fine Casting Plaster

An off-white plaster suitable for fibrous plasterwork, decorative cornices, ceiling roses, and general casting applications